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Our free translation service relies on individuals passionate about languages giving some of their time to help others. Please use the form below to apply for becoming a voluntary translator with us, and we will contact you shorly to discuss your application. Your personal details will be held confidentially and will not be reused for any other purposes.

Who Can Apply?

To join Sylang, you obviously need to have a good-enough level of both English and French, so that you can comfortably translate a few lines in one language to the other. Most translators will only translate to their mother language. When you start, we can arrange for you to be mentored by a senior translator. You will then have the opportunity to check your translations with him/her whenever you believe that might be needed.

What's Next?

You can either apply now by completing the form below, or read why you should join. And of course you may want to beforehand (in either English or French) to ask any questions you may have.

Username No spaces or punctuation, lowercase letters only.
First Name
Last Name
Country If outside Europe, US and Canada, please before applying.

Each translation request is limited to 300 characters. How many requests would you like to receive daily?
Max. translations
Please use the space below to tell us a bit about yourself, describing your domain of expertise and interest (general translation, science & technology, literature,...)—and any other details you feel is relevant.

Important: This form is for applying to become a volunteer translator with Sylang. Whereas many Sylang translators also have a professional activity as freelance translators, Sylang does not provide paid translation jobs.

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