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Request for comments about services to translators

As part of our efforts to provide services specifically targeted at translators on Sylang, we would like to ask for your feedback and suggestions.


I agree with you Marie. Also, it would be great if we could have a forum for translators...

I think it would be a nice idea if possible for the translators to be able to communicate more with each other and get to know the people they work with - I mean, we're all part of a team who help to run this website and it would also mean that we could ask each other quick questions if necessary rather than only being able to rely on emailing Sylang Translators Support. Whilst we're all professional and probably quite capable a lot of the time it might be nice to be able to work together and get to know each other a little more, and also learn from each other.

I think this idea is superb - in a year or so once I've established myself a little more I'll be happy to post a good profile online to attract custom - I think this service for the profile will be especially attractive to new translators in the world like me as it will make it a lot easier to break into the market we want and see some real and lengthy translations once we have experience - thank you very much Sylang :)

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