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Why Should I Publish My Profile?

Sylang translators may now publish an online profile on

With this new feature, we aim at helping translators increase their web visibility, advertize their skills, and get commercial translation jobs. We will actively market profiles to search engines, and in the future we may also link your Sylang translations to your profile. This would further increase your visibility each time you provide a translation.


I already have my own website, why should I need an online profile?

Unless your website has been professionally designed and is properly indexed by search engines, your profile is likely to give you a much higher visibility.

I am not looking for paid translation jobs, may I still publish my profile?

Yes, of course.

If I get a paid translation job via my profile, will Sylang claim a share of the proceeds?

Obviously not.

Suggested Content

Information we suggest you include in your profile:
  • The domains of documents you would like to translate
  • Your experience/sample past translations
  • Your current availability
  • An indication of your usual response time
  • How much you charge per word
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