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Sylang allows you to get an English to French or French to English translation that is:

Please read the instructions opposite carefully, then choose the desired direction of your translation (French English or English French), and enter the details of the text to be translated.

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Before submitting a new translation, consider searching amongst the thousands of French translations already carried out.

Translation into English or into French

Please choose the correct translation direction for your translation. Translators only translate into their mother tongue, so your request will be rejected if it reaches the wrong person.

Information for the Translator

In order to obtain a quality French translation, make sure that you place the text to be translated in context. If the subject matter is technical English or French, or another specialized area, detail this.

Translation of a couple of words

Lists of words and fragments of sentences provided without contextual information will be refused.

In order to translate simple words please use a . Do not submit a translation.

Branches of industry covered

For legal reasons we cannot translate texts under copyright.

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Search archived translations or come back later.

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Check your spelling and punctuation in order to avoid having your translation rejected. Use only complete sentences and place a space after every comma and full stop.

Information for the Translator

In order to obtain a quality translation, please detail the context of the text to be translated.
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