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April 24, 2006

Character allowance per translation now increased

The allowance per translation request has now been increased to 250 characters.

Echange de Liens

April 23, 2006

New in your translator account: setting your time zone

The translation request broker now optimizes requests allocation according to your time zone. Please make sure the time zone selected in your account corresponds to your actual location.

As a result of the change:

  • you shoud receive most requests during regular office hours
  • you may receive requests in the evening if no one else is available, but never after 8pm
  • the service now operates 24/7.

Service unavailable for a few hours

We are currently upgrading the translation dispatch system. The service will be unavailable for a few hours.
If you need to make an urgent change to your account, please contact us by email.

April 14, 2006

Increasing the character allowance of each translation request

We are thinking of increasing the character allowance of each translation request to 250 characters (currently 150 characters).
Users would very much welcome this change. This would initially increase the workload on translators, but each translator is then free to reduce the number of translations he or she is willing to receive daily.

All translators are invited to give their views on this using the "comments" link below.

Verification d'usage

Il est tres souvent possible de trouver plusieurs expressions dont la signification est identique, mais lesquelles de ces expressions sont vraiment utilisees en anglais ?
Le web est pour cela une formidable base de connaissance et une verification simple est d'utiliser un moteur de recherche comme Google dont la page d'accueil en anglais est a l'adresse

Vous pouvez alors comparer le nombre de reponses (en haut de page a droite). A savoir aussi, sur Google un lien vers la definition des terme recherches apparait egalement en haut de page a droite.

Lorsque vous recherchez une expression plutot qu'un simple mot, utilisez des guillemets pour n'obtenir que les resultats contenant l'expression exacte.

Useful translation resources on the web

Some useful sites to find the meaning of a term, acronym, or abbreviation in English:
and of course our own English-French and French-English dictionary.

Some valuable French-language bilingual dictionaries and terminology databases: is a valuable resource, although slow and awkward to use. is very useful to find official and normalized translations. This EU resource is unfortunately being phased out.

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